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The following example applications may be useful to browse for examples of API usage and approached to structuring Titanium applications.

Kitchen Sink

This expansive sample application showcases the majority of Titanium's Mobile & Desktop APIs.

Note that the KitchenSink does not represent best practices and therefore its structure should not be used for real-world applications.

It is intended to be as simple as possible to understand and to allow snippets to be copied and pasted into your test apps. Please see the applications below for better examples of recommended application structures.

CODESTRONG Companion App

This was the companion app to Appcelerator's first ever CODESTRONG conference. As seen in the screenshots below, it is a dashboard driven app that allowed users to have up to the minute details on speakers, sessions, venues, and much more. In the code itself, concepts like modular Javascript, backend integration, and remote updating are addressed. In addition, this app shows exactly how you can design and code for multiple platforms and form factors with a single code base.

The app was built for and tested on multiple platforms and devices, including:

  • Android phones & tablets
  • iPhone & iPod Touch
  • iPad
  • NOOK Color


This TweetDeck-like application was written for both mobile and desktop and is deployed on the Mac App Store.


On Friday, March 11 2011, a 9.0-magnitude earthquake occurred near the east coast of Honshu, Japan. The earthquake generated a massive tsunami that caused widespread destruction across the region. We hope the thousands who have lost their lives rest in peace, and hope anyone who are waiting for rescue are saved as many as possible. Aidori is developed for all the people who have lost their families and homes and we hope the app will be of help as much as possible.

Main features:

  • Map feature to find shelters nearby or from address.
  • Twitter viewer to show hashtag #prayforjapan.
  • Instagram viewer to show images of prayforjapan.
  • News reader to watch latest news.
  • Telephone directory of call center of missing persons.
  • Lists of links to the disaster information site.
  • Support for English, Japanese and Korean languages.


ARti is an augmented reality mobile iOS app built with Titanium. The core of this application will hopefully spark Titanium developers to push for more advanced and different applications. It truly shows what can be done with tools provided in its raw forms. ARTi is released under the Apache 2.0 license and is available to all that want to play with it. We hope that by putting tools like this into your hands, that community developers can focus around hacking, forking, and generally improving the applications that are produced. ARTi, we feel, is a great stepping stone towards this goal.

If you are looking to improve or develop more around the ARTi code, consider adding the following tools and enhancements:

  • Accelerometer Controls
  • Converting 2D Matrices to 3D
  • Updating information based on location
  • Additional Facebook improvements like checkin
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TiBall is a pinball game built for iOS that uses the open source Titanium Box2D module. The game, and module, are still currently being developed and expanded.

ABC's Writer

ABC’s Writer is a simple project that utilizes the Paint for iOS module to help teach the alphabet on iPad.

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