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Welcome to the Appcelerator Community Wiki! This space is intended for use by the Appcelerator Developer Community as a space for community-contributed tutorials and other content, curated and controlled by Appcelerator developers.

Official Docs

These documents are community-contributed and not guaranteed by Appcelerator to be accurate or up to date at any given time for an official product. The "blessed" documentation for Titanium is located at

What To Contribute

Anything that will serve as a useful reference for the Appcelerator developer community. Tutorials, useful links, best practices, UI design patterns - any documents which benefit the greater community. If you're interested in showing off your app, please check out Built With Titanium.

How To Contribute

In the top right-hand corner, you will find a link to sign up for Confluence (our wiki software) next to the global wiki search. This is a fully public wiki, intended to be editable and monitored by the entire community, so there are no official processes for contribution. Every registered user can edit every page, and can contribute new pages as desired.

The approach we will take with this wiki will be similar to Wikipedia - Wikipedia-like governance facilities may be built in over time, but our assumption is that this space will be self-regulated by our developer community.


Every page in Confluence can be translated into another language if it is deemed valuable enough by a translator. For your user account, you can select a language preference which will dictate which language you see when logged into Confluence. See the full notation guide for more information on how to localize pages in Confluence.

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